Centre for Responsible Banking & Finance

The Centre for Responsible Banking & Finance (CRBF) investigates challenges facing shareholder-owned and cooperative financial institutions, corporates and households. The Centre was founded in 2011 and is based at the University of St Andrews Business School. Membership comprises faculty, PhD candidates and an extensive and active network of academic fellows. The Director of the Centre is Professor John Wilson.

The Centre is active in knowledge exchange and has worked with and advised bodies including:

  • Scottish Parliament
  • Dutch Ministries of Finance, Economic Affairs, Infrastructure and Agriculture
  • Dutch central bank
  • UK Financial Conduct Authority
  • Irish Ministry of Finance
  • UK parliamentary select committees.

Centre members engage and work with financial services organisations including HSBC and Money.

Research students

The Centre has an active cohort of PhD candidates. Recent graduates have obtained academic positions at Cardiff University, University of Dundee and University of Cologne. CRBF alumni are publishing their research in journals including:

  • British Journal of Management
  • Journal of Business Finance & Accounting
  • Journal of Corporate Finance
  • Journal of Economic Geography
  • Journal of Financial Services Research
  • Journal of Financial Stability
  • Journal of International Money & Finance
  • Oxford Economic Papers.


The Centre runs a regular seminar series and organises the biennial Contemporary Issues in Banking Conference, which is attended by leading researchers from UK, Europe and North America.

Working Paper Series

The Centre’s Working Paper Series showcases work in progress by members of the Centre, and is intended to stimulate discussion and contribute to the advancement of banking and finance research.


Members of the Centre publish regularly in leading refereed journals in the areas of:

  • finance (Journal of Banking & Finance, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Financial Stability, Journal of Money, Credit & Banking, Review of Finance, Review of Financial Studies)
  • economics (Journal of Economic Geography, Regional Studies, Economic Inquiry, Cambridge Journal of Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization)
  • management (British Journal of Management, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of International Business Studies)
  • statistics (European Journal of Operational Research, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Journal of Time Series Analysis).

Recent books include:

Members hold editorial roles with a range of journals including:

  • British Accounting Review
  • European Journal of Finance
  • Journal of Business Finance and Accounting
  • Journal of Financial Stability
  • Journal of Money Credit and Banking.

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